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Nicole Obarzanek is a young and rising performer, with many talents, such as singing, dancing, acting, modeling and playing the violin. She was born on July 21, 2010 in Poland, and now lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates with her family.


Nicole started singing at the age of 3 years old and was in her first official music video a few years later. In 2021, she competed in a singing competition called the Golden Voice Competition, which welcomes competitors nationwide and internationally. Nicole won first place in the competition, and later competed again in 2023, where she retained her position as the 1st Place Winner of the Golden Voice Competition.

Despite her young age, Nicole is a professional performer and takes her craft very seriously. Nicole trains with the best industry coaches in Dubai, such as Danielle Regan Harrison for her dance and performance choreography, Mariana Lutsiv for her classical music and violin training, and Alina Liwo, owner of ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (USA | UAE) for her singing, modeling and acting.

This May 2023, Nicole will perform her original songs at the International Night of the Stars event, which will take place at thhe luxurious Armani Hotel, Dubai. This prestigious international awards event will celebrate the achievements of celebrities from all over the world. The Armani Hotel, Dubai is located at the Burj Khalifa, which is currently the Guinness World Record holder for being the tallest hotel in the world.


Nicole has since appeared in publications and magazines:, GLAMOUR, Wizaz and GOLDEN WINGS Luxury Magazine.

Nicole Obarzanek

Other Media & Film:

In 2021, Nicole appeared as a professional dancer in the music video, Zahra, by Memaar Al Morshedy feat. Myriam Fares. The music video was organized by luxury residential real estate developers, MEMAAR ALMORSHEDY Real Estate.

In 2022, Nicole appeared in an episode of the American TV Series: Talent You Should Know, which highlights the top Talent that the world should know about. The show broadcasts on the OTT Channel, ALITI ENTERTAINMENT TV, which broadcasts across 53 countries to 28.9Million viewers worldwide.

She is currently represented non-exclusively by ALITI Productions & Talent Agency (USA | UAE).

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